freight audits

Are your freight fees in-line with current market trends? Are you experiencing imbalanced inflation charges and are unsure why? Are you having to pass unnecessary overhead charges onto your consumers? Have you ever considered conducting a freight audit? WiseLog Consulting appreciates the importance of remaining competitive within your industry of choice and as such highlights the importance of regular freight audits Freight audits pinpoint charge inconsistencies and recommend avenues of solution that involve tailored cost and time saving possibilities and alternative transport options. WiseLog Consulting will give you complete peace of mind by reviewing your current procedures, freight companies and providers, in order to evaluate whether you are paying above or below market rates. We will ensure that we are comparing apples with apples, so if your business selects companies based on service/quality as opposed to low-prices, the comparison made will be reflective of this and against companies that deliver an equal or better service. WiseLog Consulting meticulously reviews your current freight accounts and chosen transport options, by cross-examining and investigating your paid fees and charges. This evaluation compares your paid costs against a current freight quote and market rates that identifies overcharges and possible areas of savings. You will be provided with a detailed summary of our findings and will be advised if a more cost-effective and/or time-efficient provider is available.